The Gallup institute has declared Iraq, Iran, and Sudan the most furious people in the world. This shocking news is true. My compatriots and I are at the same level as the world's essentially poor and war-torn countries, while not engaged in war, nor poor or illiterate. In this work, I have tried to portray the reasons for the anger of the subjects and the sensation they are angry with. I started with my generations and my friends, and I asked them about their anger against other humans and I tried to record the moment of their deep thinking for that reason and their sense of it. What makes you so angry that you want to physically deal with someone? Or do not you see him or her anymore? What can awake your sense of revenge? Responses were diverse: driving, sexual assault, barratry, Trampling the rights, rape, labor disputes, ignorance, bullying, betrayal, lies, and social injustice. Each of the components of this collection was taken from long interviews of subjects while finding the relationship between reasons for anger and subjects to the audience in order to guess the main reason for their anger based on their faces and feelings.