As an artist, I’ve focused on examining critical and curious perspectives on human societies and their relationship with the environment. I’ve always been inspired by the works of artists from my country, such as Kaveh Golestan, Reza Deghati, and Abbas Kowsari, as well as the diverse lifestyles and worldviews found across cultures.
My goal is to discover and document the differences and similarities among people and professions, both in my country and in neighbouring regions, in order to create awareness and promote greater understanding between societies. I believe that recognizing our shared experiences, as well as our unique perspectives, can lead to greater convergence and a better quality of life in our increasingly interconnected world.
In my work, the boundary between fine art and documentary is intentionally blurred, as my aim is to convey conceptual ideas through artistic media. I may experiment with form and performance, but the underlying purpose remains the same: to inspire a shift in the viewer’s perspective, from the everyday to the unfamiliar yet familiar.
To that end, I frequently travel and immerse myself in new environments and communities, living alongside people and experiencing their ways of life firsthand. This allows me to capture a deeper, more nuanced understanding, which I then translate into my artistic practice, often incorporating video and sound in addition to visual imagery.
Throughout this process, I’m willing to take risks and explore unconventional approaches, driven by a desire to create work that challenges the viewer and encourages them to re-examine their own assumptions and experiences. My art is a platform for fostering greater empathy, understanding, and ultimately, a more harmonious relationship between humanity and the world we inhabit.