During these years, I’ve focused on a combination of critical and curious views on human societies and their relationship with their environment. I’ve always been inspired by artworks of artists in my country like Kaveh Golestan, Reza Deghati, and Abbas Kowsari, and also, I’ve been always inspired by the difference in lifestyles and worldviews among humans.
I’ve always been thinking to discover and record the differences and similarities among dozens of people and professions in my country as well as neighboring countries, showing it to the audience and creating concern in his/her mind to help achieve outstanding peace goals and clean earth. Because I believe that recognizing similarities and even differences leads to convergence among societies, and also in the small world of today’s communication, it’ll lead to the best lifestyle in this regard.
In my works, the boundary between fine art and documentary is very narrow, because the purposes and principles for me are to transfer the concept through art and media, and there may be a change in the form and performance, yet the goal is still the same. My approach to creating artwork is to change lifestyles from the everyday mode to the target community’s lifestyle or to change the environment. Because I want to make sure if the viewer sees the artwork, he/she should be able to recognize its originality and finds himself/herself stranger yet familiar with it. And that’s why I began to travel monthly to live among new people in their own way, and to live in different natures and climates.
Throughout this time, I’ve looked at video and sound as well as image, because in some cases, it would be deeper and wider to reach the target with it. So that’s why I’m always ready to take risks.